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JL Audio Stealthbox (or similar) and Coastal Tech SYNC Lockpick

Hey guys, I have two questions for y'all. First, let me reintroduce myself (been missing for a while). I'm a three-time Mustang owner, and currently own an '11 GT. I last had an '03 Cobra (w/KB 2.6H blower @16psi). I had about $6,000 in stereo work done on that car. I had slowly built what I thought was the perfect system over the course of about 10 years. I had a Sony "deadhead" head unit, 12-band graphic equalizer, JL Audio XR 650 and 525 components at all four corners (6.5s in front, 5.25s rear), a JL Audio 12w7, a JL 300/4 amp running the mids/highs, and an old Rockford Power 800a2 running the 12w7. The box and all wiring was done by me, and no expense was spared (even all the speaker wires/RCAs were large gauge expensive stuff).

Anyway, I ordered a 2011 GT, and they said it would be 6-8 weeks before it came in. So, I figured I would wait 5 weeks, then remove my system, and replace the factory stuff in the Cobra. Well, the GT came in the day before I started on it, and I was so excited, I just decided to turn in the car with the system. I will never understand what I was thinking, and I still hate myself for it. I just wish I could get back the amps and sub (which would have taken all of 30 minutes to yank out). FML.

Ok, so we live and learn. So, fast forward to yesterday. I've now had the car for 16 months, and it's still all stock (stereo-wise). It has the SYNC nav system (which is amazing), but the sound and output is not what I am used to. It sounds great for factory, but not good enough. I've decided to start with a sub/amp combo, then I'll replace the mids/highs in increments. Finally, I'll put an amp to them as well, and include some sort of signal processor/equalizer. The factory SYNC/nav will stay, despite its limitations in outputs/preamps. But for now, it's just the sub.

I've owned many brands, but I'll never spend my own money on anything other than JL Audio. So don't even try. My opinion, we all have one.

Here's my dilemma: I'm either going to go with a JL 10w7 or some size of w3v3. If I go with the w3, the size is still up in the air (until I measure). The amp will be a JL 500/1. I can decide on the sub, but I want you guys' help on placement. I will be building a custom fiberglass sealed enclosure, but I'm not sure of the location/direction. Should I make it like the JL Stealthbox system (passenger side, between tail light and strut tower, left-firing driver), or should I make it fit in the front right corner of the trunk, facing rear (up against seat backs)? I know the rearward placement yields good sound, but I am worried about the side facing arrangement. I've never owned or heard a corner-mounted, sideways-firing sub. If I go with the side-facing arrangement, I can go with a 13" sub. However, does anyone have experience with a JL Stealthbox or similar arrangement (any brand corner-mounted, side-firing subs)? Is the output/SQ decent?

So, what would you do? I would LOVE the extra trunk space, and larger cone area of the 13w3v3 mounted in the corner, but then again, my 12w7 was an absolute MONSTER. However, when it was adjusted to moderate volume, it sounded better than anything I'd ever heard. If I go 10w7, it will be in the front right corner of the trunk (standing at back of car looking into trunk). Also, the w7 is just a HUGE sub. It's so deep. I just want to make sure the corner mount, side-facing arrangement sounds ok before I go that way.


So here's part two. Does anyone have experience with Coastal Technologies' Ford Lockpicks? They are the thing that you can plug into your SYNC system to unlock all the movement-restricted features. Basically, it allows you to watch movies while driving, view my back-up camera while driving, input destinations while driving, etc. Any good/bad experience to offer?

Also, does anyone know if the factory nav unit has any preamp outputs (RCA outputs)? I'm sure it doesn't, and it would be the first factory head unit I've seen if it did, but I figured I'd ask. Any products out there that will give me a decent, preamp output so I won't have to use speaker-level inputs on my amps?

Sorry I wrote a book.

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