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Originally Posted by GoT midlife CS View Post
I have to disagree. the problem is not in the head unit .... It is in the line conversion of the factory amplified signal. If you compare a crappy line-out convertor to an aftermarket Head unit, then i agree with you that the after market unit will have a better sound, however, with the right line convertor connected to the proper channels on the shaker the end result can be amazing, and with the ability to maintain my navi, phone, and sync, is well worth a couple hundred bucks to acheive.

typically in any factory system the order of inferior products is:

1) speakers
2) Amplifiers
3) Signal / head unit

and I have always replaced my systems in that order.
I'm just starting to upgrade my '11 GTs sound system, and I'm wondering about this. I do NOT want to ditch the factory SYNC nav system (and like you, I know the problem is NOT the head unit, but the line conversion), but I want to incrementally upgrade to all aftermarket speakers and amps. Do you have suggestions on aftermarket converters that will give me a GOOD preamp signal? I don't care about spending some money to make it sound good. After all, every speaker/amp will be high-end, and I'll be going for a SQ setup.

I remember reading about a product that JL Audio makes that is supposed to flatten out all the built-in factory bias, and provide a clean preamp signal. Just looked it up, it's called the CleanSweep.

CL441dsp - Car Audio - OEM Interface - OEM Integration - JL Audio

Ever heard of it? I'm pretty sure that would give me a good starting point for a clean, adjustable output signal. I know JL's stuff is always top-notch, and the features sound impressive. What do you like? I'm stuck on JL for speakers and amps, but I would stray for something like this if it offers better performance.

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