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Originally Posted by 5.0ben View Post
I went from 3.31's to 3.73's in my manual and wouldn't do it again. I got a humming sound and burning smell in the rear after the install. I was also ripped off by the dealer for the install $1000 P&L.
The worst part about 3.31's IMO is 6th gear on the highway.
That alone is worth the upgrade in gears maybe to 3.55's.
I noticed top end loss with the 3.73's which was very disappointing. The overall performance difference was noticeable but nothing major. 1st gear definitely pulled harder and it felt a little snappier in all of the gears in the low rpm's with a top end trade off. The extra shifting was annoying too on my daily traffic filled commute.
I could however see the 3.73's being good with a race tune allowing you to rev higher and having more top end power.

I think 3.55's are the optimal overall gear for this car for the manual.

In the end I got an auto which pulls harder after first gear than the manual with any of the gear choices and couldn't be happier:smilie
sounds to me like you just had a complete bad experience with 3:73's starting with the install. should be no noise or smell when installed correct... and yes a 1000.oo they got ya...

as far as top end loss very little if any at all just turning a few more rpms at the top...

in my opinion 3:55's would be a waste of money ...I would not even of bought mine without the 3;73'S that was a must for me..

best of luck with your choice...

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