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I say the gear choice completely depends. I would love to jump the band wagon of auto vs tranny kill but instead I will try to help the OP. I have 3.73 and had 3.31 when I got the car. The difference here is huge. What I do not like is with all the power adding and louder exhaust is this car jumps into high rpm too easily (I know sounds wrong to say that) and screams like crazy. I am doing a lot of shifting more than what I would prefer. I think 3.55 would have been a better choice personally yet I could be wrong. 1st gear is only useful for me when babying it. Other than that I burn tires through first and about 2/3 through second. I think with the power adders, and what other adders I am putting on 3.55 would actually make first a useful race gear. But I could be wrong since have not driven 3.55

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