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Yes definitely in the powerband more. Yes you can use 1st by all means but now with the way my car is setup with not being stock at all, I can't use first gear while in WOT. That is what I was meaning by that. The more power you add the more 1st will not be used at all except for normal driving. The way mine is right now with WOT I can spin tires through first, and about 2/3 2nd gear. I plan on adding more power and I know for a fact 3.73 are going to be way too much unless I am driving on slicks everywhere. However, I will say 3.73 will probably be nice with the t56 magnum transmission that is suppose to come out!

Another solution is maybe 1)warmer weather tires might stick more, 2)do some burn outs to make tires more sticky! haha
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