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Originally Posted by 5.0ben View Post
I know what this threads about but this was more of a response to 46Tbird and yes I can shift, probably better than most! I've been running cars and bikes for 20 years. This is actually my first auto or second if you count the RAV4 which is my wife's primary car.
I would love to run against any 3.73 manual above 60 to prove my point. (In a safe area of course)
Watchdogg you should make a vid from 80-150 on a flat surface like mine and we'll compare or you can meet me for some friendly runs.

Nothing defective with my manual. I test drove a bunch of manual 5.0's and they all felt the same.

When I had 3.73's in my manual 1st was plenty usable and was the biggest difference I noticed compare to the 3.31's.

Just busting your chops! I could careless if a car is faster than mine, just glad I get to drive mine and love every minute of it. Did not buy a brembo package 3.73 6mt to race in straight lines though, be a waste of good Pirelli Pzero rubber. I am always up for a friendly run although not running 150mph on any roads around here. I think Virginia's finest would lock us up and throw away the key and use our cars as unmarked pursuit vehicles.

I do agree with your suggestion for OP to drive the different ratios. I did and it was the 3.73 only Mustang I was going to buy, guess thats why they have options, huh? If I stay NA, might go to 4.10 eventually. Regardless Im good for now, no regrets.

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