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Originally Posted by Asphalt Cowboy View Post
Well after seeing the disaster of the Saleen hood scoop when dealing with water, I might not even get the VIS either as I fell in love with the Trufiber Venom Ram-Air Hood that I saw at the Sema Show in Las Vegas.

I could also compare with the Saleen as both were not far from each other...

Good thing about the Trufiber is that it is functional: the scoops collect the air, and re-direct the air in a channel on the underside of the hood and dumps it directly over the air box. Unlike the Saleen no water will get inside from the scoop, as the channel goes up at the opening. And even if some water did get in, it would drop by the radiator, as there is the opening there too.

2010-2011-2012 Mustang venom hood

Installing TruFiber's Venom Ram Air Hood on your 2010-2012 Mustang is like killing two birds with one stone. Not only will your Mustang look like it means business, it will perform like it too.
This Mustang aftermarket hood features a fully-functional, built-in Ram Air Kit that boosts your engine's power by improving airflow. Cool air entering through the air scoop on the hood is channeled through your air box. TruFiber's Venom Ram Air Hood also includes two heat extractor vents to help your Mustang run cooler.
TruFiber did all they could to make sure that this hood looks great, too. Constructed with hand-laid fiberglass, this Mustang hood is finished with a smooth gel coat for a show-quality finish.
The Venom Ram Air Hood weights approximately forty pounds, and reinforced metal latch and hinge plate ensure that the hood closes securely and safely. It comes with a stainless mesh grill over the Ram-air intake ducts, and features a pre-drilled hood prop hole.
This hood is easy to install on your 2010-2012 Mustang. It bolts directly onto your 2010-2012 Mustang's OEM stock hood hardware.
Where are these other holes you speak of for the water to exit?

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