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I dont have any first-hand experience with them blowing out. Can it happen? Sure. But you also bring up a good point. If an all-in-one amp blows, its usually cheaper to just get another system. While with the component ones, like the Fosgate, you can replace either or at any time if one should fail. Thats important

Another option for you is a custom fit box from MTX like this one. MTX makes some good stuff and it looks great in your car but it comes at a price.

Now the Infinity would be pretty simple to hook up. Power wire, ground, inputs (and maybe a line level converter) and the remote is all it takes. The tweeters are slightly more involved and either require cutting your door panel or the a-pillar trim (my favorite). The directions included with them will show you all the required connections and after that it's just about placing them. With tweeters though ensure they dont need an amp to function correctly. I run standard speakers so I cant really reccomed one tweeter over another for you, sorry. Now all of this advice is also assuming you dont have the Shaker system (it can still be done but is more difficult).

Right now I'm running a custom box with 2 10" Fosgates powered by a 1500 watt kicker mono block (overkill). And I also have a 4 channel amp powering my Infinity door speakers. It sounds awesome and I also got the reward for doing it myself. You can make it work like I did but will lose trunk space in the end.

A great source of knowledge on car audio and electronics is a site called
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