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Originally Posted by AJL View Post
I actaully have my amp under the driver's seat. All speakers are hooked up. Of course I don't have a sub, or a 5 channel amp so that worked best for me.

Should I add a sub the mono amp would be in the trunk with the sub.

Anyway, the deck is nice. I had thoughts of replacing my deck but didn't like any of the adapters I've seen. Sucks though should I get a deck now, I aready spent 40 bucks on the RCA adapters.

Just an FYI if you have an Iphone or Droid there are some real good EQs... unless you already have an EQ on your deck.
As far as subs go, I was going to go with a square solobaric or MTX square, but I have to be able to put my dog bed in the trunk, so hence the shallow mount speakers.

Honestly, to me the shallow mount is good enough for me. But i really only listen to 90 percent Rock and some House/Trance with some R&B as well as some country. My sub is set to 2 on my deck, with the high pass filter for the speakers cut off at 100 Hz. The max volume goes to 62 on the head unit, and I have had it up to 50 as that is all my ears can take. Needless to say it really thumps. The square sub would have been too much for me IMO. YMMV

Hope this helps ya
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