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Help/ideas request on Adding Sirius Starmate 8 to base model 12 V6e

Bought a 2012 base model V6. Not sure what they call the base model radio? What brand is it?

Anyways, bought a Sirius Starmate8 car kit and boom box combo. Really wanted to get a Sirius radio in the garage too, or out in the barn and this portable boom box has a dock for the Starmate 8. Already activated the radio docked in the boombox.

I found a YouTube video tutorial on installing a Starmate in a center console of a 2011 Mustang. Not too bad of a task-putting the mag antenna on the roof and routing it through the truck etc. Since the 2012 V6 has a Siruis Ready radio (Has AUX and Sirius buttons) I could easily just wire it up into the Aux-in, and stash the head in the center console. Not ideal though.

Questions are please:

Is it possible to interface this Starmate8 with the Base Model "Sirius Ready" radio so that I could control it from the car's radio? If so-man that would be cool. Willing to take the car to an audio shop for a custom & clean install-but before I go that far I would like to know if it is possible to get the base radio and Starmate8 head talking to each other.

Thanks for any insight.

First post too.


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