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Performance Package vs. Base, driven both?

Hi all, been lurking for a while but I am seriously considering a lightly used 2011/12 or new v6 Mustang manual. This car will be a daily driver and since I'm in WI, I will be swapping wheels for the winter. The problem I have is finding reviews of the non PP cars (it seems all the mag reviews are PP) and getting a feel for whether I'd be happy with the base. I can't find a PP car in my area to test. Is the ride harsh on a PP? Is the handling/skidpad that much better? Would I get teeth rattle over potholed WI roads with the PP? For winter driving the 3.31 is a limited slip diff and therefore much better when it's slick? Anyone driven both to a good extent and can give me a good synopses? I don't plan any track time at all. Thanks!

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