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2012 V6 Mustang Top Speed

Ok, so I am sure there is a thread on this somewhere but I couldn't find a definite answer and I'm hoping someone can help me out.

Close to where I live is a race track (it's in Clay City, KY if anyone is from around here) and tonight I decided to test the top speed.

Apparently, the top speed on the new V6's is 113 and at 135+ the drive train will fail causing immediate engine failure.

Tonight my car got up to 132 (clocked) and never shut off or anything. I have the 2012 V6 with the "performance" package and other than a K&N Air Filter, the engine is bone stock.

Should this be a one time thing for me driving this fast, and if the "top speed" is 113, why was I able to go AT LEAST 19 MPH over the "limiter"?

Thanks in advanced for any info,


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