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Originally Posted by V6FTW View Post

Apparently, the top speed on the new V6's is 113 and at 135+ the drive train will fail causing immediate engine failure.
No. I've had mine at 140 over a sustained distance of several miles and at 130 at least a dozen or more times, running uphill on a 6% grade over a distance of nearly a mile at a time. She's still solid as a rock, no matter how many times I do this.

I saw a video someone posted of their V6 blowing apart between 135-140, but I also noticed something else: they kept that poor thing wound up around 6K RPM the whole time.

I was in 5th gear at around 4,500-4,700 RPM @ 140 (back when I had the 2.73's). I wasn't winding the dog snot out of it. The 3.55's put me at near the same RPM's in 6th.

Sure, you can rev up to 6K-7.5K all you want for maybe a second or two between shifts on quick sprints, but don't keep your pony wound up there in Alpha Zone while you're screaming down the freeway. There's a right way and a wrong way to do anything.

If you want to test top speed, then be as safe as possible but don't fear an automatic explosion. Just use some good sense.

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