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Installed my new stereo last weekend and I love it! I put a single 12" sub in the trunk and it hits hard! However, I am not 20 anymore and the loud bass thing is not my cup of tea anymore. I have the amp turned down and the bass setting to the middle. This gives me a nice thump when listening to music, but will not piss the neighbors off.

One thing I have always hated is when somebody pulls up next to you and you hear metal vibrating. Well, my trunk is doing this and it drives me crazy. If I just put dynamat on the top of the deck lid, will this stop the metal vibrating sound; or do I have to do then entire trunk? This dynamat stuff is freaking expensive, so I want to stay cost effective here.

Those of you in my position, what have you done to stop the vibrating metal sound? Do I get Dynamat Dynaliner or Dynamat Extreme?
The dynamat will work on the top of the trunk. Just remember the more you add the more weight it'll be. It's pretty heavy. I must have added near 20 - 30 pounds in another car of mine to get all the "rattles" to stop. I had to put it all over the lid, lights, spare wheel, everything. Have you tried placing the woofer towards the back and pointing it at the backseat first? Helps the moving air to bounce off the soft seats then dissipate through out the trunk. If you have a ported box, try to keep the woofer pointed toward the seats and the port towards the side of the wheel well.

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