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Originally Posted by wildaries83 View Post
Ok so I decided to put the smoked raxiom headlights in the car. I also got the HID conversion from stang mods. First just want to say it looks great. However, I am smelling plastic burning! So I went to feel the housings and they were hot as all get out. Evidently it is too hot. My other concern is they are not bright at all. Night time driving basically is crap with them.

So couple questions, anyone else done this and have a work around? Will capping the bulbs maybe make it not so hot? Any other solutions to actually get these lights bright at night?

I already went through 3 sets of Raxioms. I had the melted connectors and the Halo lights not functioning AND I did not even install HIDs. I had these problems with the Halide bulbs!!!!

I purchased the Raxioms so that I would have headlights that worked while I got my OEM headlights retrofitted with real projectors, and circuitry, and 55W HIDS. Cost was $580.00 from This included a lot of custom modifications.

Here is a youtube video of my headlights

2011 Mustang Retro-Fit with Switch-Backs - YouTube

We blacked out the reflectors and pulled the amber turn signal plastic lenses off. Brian installed an LED bulb that is white (Crystal) when running, but turns amber when you hit the turn signals. This job was very professionally executed. My only complaint was that it took so long to complete. But that is because Brian does not charge an arm and a leg for his conversions like the other retrofitters do, and he has a lot of business.

Look at the 2013 Boss HIDs. Ford had the same ides, but since mine was done first, they copied me!:yelpleased:
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