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I have to say that with many months now with my VIS hood, I am really happy. I drove to Fresno last week (about 260 miles) in the rain. When I got there, I pulled into my dads garage and opened the hood. I could not see one drop of water on the intake manifold or motor.

Although when I did the hose test like you did, I get a few drops but not the flood you got with the Saleen hood.

I have to say, the VIS Stalker is better then the Saleen from a quality and performance standpoint. I do think the Saleen hood looks a bit better but only by a very little. They are almost exactly the same design.

I did notice a slight hood lift when going over 130 MPH. I have not put hood pins on but I do plan to. I have communicated with 5 people now that have the VIS hood installed. So far everyone loves it. Of the 3 people I have communicated with that have the Saleen hood. Two are changing it back to stock as they are complaining about vibration and lift issues at 100 MPH and the water issue. One put on hood pins and manufactured a water trap simmilar to the VIS's.

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