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Wow thanks for all the cool comments. Yea I'm really stoked with the way it
came out. It was easier then I though. And its not JUST a push button
start,It's a keyless ignition and it automatically opens my door locks and
it has a full alarm and it has remote start included to! I just have to have
the transmitter thingy with me (they call it an IKEY) heres a pic. The IKEY
thing is real flat and would fit in a wallet if you wanted. I keep mine in
my jeans watch pocket.

All I do is walk up and my doors unlock and the alarm disarms. That's when
the start button lights up. I have to put my foot on the brake before I push
the button to start, but if I want just turn on just my radio and
accessories I push the button without pushing the brake down.
I've installed alarms before and this was basically the same kind of
install. The only kinda new thing was dealing with the steering column lock
and bypassing the factory security that's the chip in the key head thing. I
did what the guy I bought it from at Digital Guard Dawg called a Cut Key
Method. At first I wasn't real sure about handling the lock there way but
after I thought about it it made sense and was easy and worked fine. All I
did was cut off the head of my spare key, then I put the blade of the key in
the lock and released the lock, The wires to the key switch all connected to
the systems module, so there was like no power still going to the key switch
anyways, so I figured it didn't really matter if I cut key in the lock cuse
all it was was a mechanical lock left and no one would be able to start the
car with out the transmitter.

To bypass the factory chip in the key I zip tied the head of the key behind
the lock cylinder. The Guard dawg guy said I might need to use a bypass
module, like for a remote start but they suggested I try the zip tieing
approach first and it worked great. Like I said man I'm stoked! It works
just like those new Mercedes do. Oh yea, Guard dawg sent me a vynal cap that
went right over the old key switch hole so you don't even really notice the
old ignition. OK heres a pic of that to. See its sweet!
The guys at gard dawg were real helpful, They got some more info on there
site Keyless Ignition & Push Button Start from Digital Guard Dawg

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