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Originally Posted by 69fordfastback View Post
Thanks!!! I was happy as pie about it. I know I can get a better 60 though. Right now I have a 205 tire on my car and the spare set I have out back are a 225 which looks to be almost a 2.xx inch difference width wise per rear tire. Im gonna throw those on next time I go and see if I cant widdle that 2.2 to a 2.0. I think that is my goal for now......hitting a sub 2.1 60 with the set up I have now before I go to big and littles with stickier tires.

I was suprised at how close .1 in the 60 equals .2 in the quarter et!! It was about spot on. If that holds true then I should be able to hit high 12's pretty easily if I can get ~1.8-1.7 60????? And btw how hard is a 1.7 60' with drag radials?
Yep, 225 is like a bare minimum. That's what the 15" Fox size was... 225/60-15. But honestly, 235/60-15 drag radials can hook pretty well.

So yeah, with your mph, a 1.69 on DRs would give you a 12. That's exactly what I ran:

1.69, 12.91 @ 103 on 275/50-15 BFG DRs.

You'll need decent suspension and the driver mod to get there. Here's how I did it:

1989 Ford Mustang LX - Fox Buildup

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