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Originally Posted by Condy26 View Post
1. BMW drivers
2.The old man/lady in the passing lane doing 5 under the limit
3. guys behind you in trucks with HID's or leaving on their highbeams
4. The guy behind you that darts out just to pass you in traffic but noone else
5. Those people (usually ricers) who have their radio so loud, except there is no lyrics..just bass, that overpowers my own radio
6. SUV owners who think the road is theirs and since they are bigger they can do whatever
7. PT cruisers, Nissan Juke, Chevy HHR, Toyota Echo (the ones with unpainted bumpers), And people who let their cars rot away. I Hate being around ugly cars.
8. FWD cars with spoilers on them... you do know that actually decreases your performance right?
9. For those who live where snow is: people that cant seem to park in the parking spots anymore when there is snow on the ground..even though the lines are still visible
10. The cop that just follows you to make sure you, the one in the Mustang is not speeding while other cars pass by laughing at you.

That is all
Actually, according to one guy at my school, he said his (giant) spoiler gave him about 27 HP because of aerodynamics! I mean, I should listen to him because he says he knows more about cars than me. Why does he think so? Because he's played Need For Speed all of this life and unlocked/bought every car in every game that he's played. So he totally knows more than me (sarcasm).:nogrinner

I hate ricers. Their knowledge is little (like their engine), their egos are huge (like their fart cannons), and they're usually douchebags who cant drive worth a ****. Here, at least.

That good ol' red (Boss 302), white (GT/CS) and blue (5.0)!
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