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Originally Posted by Derfdog15 View Post
A new one- the guy on the crotch rocket getting really loud, speeding past you, then slowing down. Or the guy trying to impress the chick next to you reving his ricer/crotch rocket, who gets really mad when your american muscles throaty exhaust gets you her number and not him
This is a good one. It just happened to me few days ago actually. We had a few days here that were nice enough that I was able to get my 'Stang out and cruise a bit. As I was driving through the city, this stretched, heavily modded GSXR 1k rolls up beside me. He proceeds to look the car up and down and gives me the head nod, so I do it's all good. Then he gets in front of me and pops the clutch, which lit up the fat rear wheel and tossed it sideways a bit. Then, he slows down so I'm beside him again and gooses on it multiple times. I'm thinking "Really man? You're gonna pick on a 2V GT with that thing?" My car must look a lot faster than what it is, lol.

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