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Originally Posted by harveyshepherd View Post
Damn - and all this time I thought it was driver error - I have a 2012 GT with 3.73 gears that slips into 4th at low RPM but I haven't noticed any lights - I don't look at the dash that much. Of course the notchy, clunky, grindy 1-2 shift is something else. I'm waiting on the Customer Care call on that issue.
You would think that a switch for disabling skip shift would be on the dash. I am so fortunate to be able to slam 1st to second cleanly on my MT82 equiped LS #482 . Too bad you can't just crawl under your car, disable skip shift solenoid and get back to us with the results. If you lived closer to me I'd do it for you - just to log the results. What a joke...sKiP ShItt !!
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