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Originally Posted by harveyshepherd View Post
Yup - 2012, 5.0 with the MT82 six speed. From reading this forum I've learned that you can disconnect the solenoid which I will certainly do in the future. I'm still waiting to see how this crappy 1-2 shifting problem gets resolved with Ford. I'm not like you young studs - I'm 67 and this was going to be my last fun car before I caved to a Buick stationwagon with a wheelchair lift - right now it's not fun.
If you need help just let me know. I live near 60 and 605. I waited a WHOLE 1,000 miles before pulling that plug. No CELs. Just pure pleasure afterwards. I am very curious to see if the s.s. plain 'ol interferes with a shifters experience.
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