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Originally Posted by Pete Grimaldi View Post
It sounds like my skip-shift issue. As I mentioned on another thread, I disabled it with 500 miles on the clock, and have not regreted doing it. Skip-shift bumps you from 1st to 4th. It all depends on the driving that you have to do. Some never notice it, and others like me, drive in slow traffic conditions to work. It always kicked in. Now the skip-shift message stills comes up but shifting is fine. It may or may not contribute to the 1-2 shift. If you are trying to shift it into 2nd and skip shift won't let you, you will feel that 2nd gear is impossible to hit. That's what that ridiculous setup is supposed to do. It isn't very rewarding or safe in slow traffic.

Either do it yourself, or have someone do it, that isn't a dealer. And again, this will obviously let you know if it is the skip-shift that's giving this problem, or the transmission. My money is on the skip-shift being the culprit.

I kind of paniced when it first started happening to me after reading about the transmission issues with some of the 2011s. Some people are having legitimate transmission issues, others have not driven a stick enough, and others beat the ever lovin' p*** out of their cars. This model is not the first time that it has happened. the T-5s where sometimes difficult to get into gear. My 2003 GT would sometimes not want to go into second when it was cold. This isn't a new phenomenon.

I'm definitely going to pull the plug on the S/S - it's a really stupid idea (and sometimes dangerous - going uphill in traffic and having your car lug to the point of stalling). I really don't think the crappy 1-2 shift is a result of the S/S - it happens 30% of the time at all different RPM levels. Except for after market wheels and Flowmaster mufflers my car is completely stock - I'm 67 and have been driving standard transmission cars my whole life - it will be interesting to see what Ford has to say on Tues. Per Customer Care I'm taking it back to the dealer that sold me my other two GTs (2000 & 2005) be continued.

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