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Hey Harveyshepard, glad to see I'm not the only old guy on here driving one last high performance car while I still can .

I have experienced the skip shift notification several times but only once has it forced me into 4th. That was a very smooth transition and the only clue I had was that all of a sudden I didn't have that usual second gear snap. My transmission seems to be working quite well, although like you, the 1-2 shift is notchy most of the time. Seems to be better as long as I make sure I have floored the clutch and make the shift without hesitation.

I have the 3:73's and it is amazing how I can pull around a corner at 10 mph and pull away again in 3rd gear.

I seem to find most of my shifting woes and clanking driveline come from thinking about the shift too much..... and from too many years of driving automatics.
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