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Originally Posted by stangs-R-me View Post
Per the Order Guide, "Auto Headlamps" are std. on ALL 2011 GT's including base model.

It does seem silly that they tied this feature into the Pony / MCA pkg rather than making it std. on all Premium V6.

But, it may have something to do with the Fog Lamps (std. GT) ... possibly Ford does not have a headlamp switch w/ Auto Lamp but w/o Fogs.

This is my 1st car with this feature. When I've driven other peoples cars with it in the past, I always turned it off as it anoyed me.

All the cars that have the switch also have foglights or the capability for them. If they included this on all Mustangs, including the foglight-less V6s, many owners likely would be complaining that their nonexistent fog lights weren't working. It'd have been only 2 months after the first 3.7L hit the ground before some tool tried "fixing" his missing fog lights only to end up setting his Mustang on fire. And then he'd be here or some other forum blaming Ford for everything while trying to sue them.

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