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Originally Posted by TampaGTguy View Post
Want to know how to disable skip shift forever? Easy:

Don't drive like a frigging grandma! It's a damn Mustang GT for crying out loud! Put your foot on the gas pedal and rev that badboy up. I've seen the skip shift light 2 times since purchasing the car. And that was only because I wanted to see if this feature actually worked. Otherwise I never see it pop up. Why do you ask? Because I drive my stang like it was meant to be driven!

Who's with me?!!!!!!!

P.S. - no offense to those that want to pamper and keep their driving under 2500 RPM. I'm just not one of those guys.
Tampa-guy, you speak the truth. Can't believe it's actually an issue. If your Mustang skip-shifts, please sell it to someone who knows how to drive it. And do so immediately.

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