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Audiocontrol LCQ-1

i will be changing out the shaker 500 speakers as they suck lol. I have the factory nav and really like the unit. I will be using a set of boston spz60's for my front stage, and a JL 600/4 for the amp. The sub will be a JL8w7 fiberglassed into the corner of the trunk, ran off of 2 channels from the amp bridged.

Now the problem I am running into is picking a precessor, I am leaning heavily toward the Audiocontrol LCQ-1. The problem is the hook up of it. Should I use it to sum the channels from the door subs and door 5x7's to create the full range channel, then use a crossover to split it for my mids/highs then sub? Or just use the signal from factory 5x7's and door subs seperately without summing them? Either way I will be able to correct the bass roll off with the audiocontrol unit.....

Any ideas or opinions would be great....


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