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Car accident, is it my fault?

Guys I am giving my statement to the insurance company tommarow, this is my going to my statement:

Based on this do you think its my fault?

9:30 AM monday morning, bright and sunny
I was traveling west and had to make a left onto a virgina rd, a car in front of me made a left, and i was up next. I turned left and went about 2 feet into the other lane to make the left, thats when i saw this lady in a benz speeding downhill east. She was comming down too quickly so I completely stopped and decided to let her pass. In my judgement there was clearly enough space for her to go past me..

Now for some reason she thought i was going to keep going and so she decides to swerve her car left. I have no idea why she did that, maybe its because she was speeding idk...I am assuming its because she was speeding and the sun was pretty bright that morning and she was traveling east, so maybe she was kinda blinded and saw me at the last minute and decided to swerve left and ram right into me...

So she hits my right fender and her passenger side is completley hit, her engine bay is fully damaged, my car doesn't look as bad as hers..

But my main points are going to the fact that shes a 60 year old driver, she was clearly speeding, the sun was bright that day = a high chance of her being blinded.

And the reason why i think shes at fault is because she stupidly swerved left, there was clearly enough space for her to pass by but idk why she swerved left...
Car A is me, car B is her
here is the diagram (Sorry drew it on my cell phone lol)

as you can see her right side is completley damaged, if she dint swerve left and hit me normally either her full front side woulda have gotten hit and or a left side.

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