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Originally Posted by 5.0ben View Post
Interesting you say you don't feel it much. You are in the minority unless it's an automatic which in that case I didn't feel much of a difference either. I'd be super pissed if it didn't make much of a difference and it pinged!!
I personally felt a huge difference in power . Not only can I feel more power, its faster too. When I pass cars I now squirt by them at a noticeably faster rate 1st-4th gear compared to stock.
Maybe this has something to do with your 5300 ft altitude and or your expectations?
I don't have a well calibrated butt-dyno. The car was stupid fast before the tune and its stupid fast now. The power band is just smoother and more eager everywhere. I totally recommend this tune!

2012 Black GT. Manual with no options. Mods: FRPP Tune, JLT Oil Separator.
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