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Originally Posted by Asphalt Cowboy View Post
A few questions for you guys:

1) In order for the warranty to work the install can be done in any Ford dealer or it has to be a Ford dealership who is in the directory of Ford Racing? ( some dealers are listed on the Ford Racing website...)
2) Went to the local Dealership where I live now, and it's a small one. They said they've done the tune on a 2012 Boss; I wonder if I should do it there or drive some more and get a bigger dealership to do it?
I could go where I bought my Mustang, but for some reasons I don't trust them with aftermarket parts... When they got my GT500 mufflers on, I had to go back as there were some funny noises. (They fixed it, but still, they could have get it right the first time...)
3) Do the sound of the exhaust get louder or change with the tune, I think I've read some posts where some said their exhaust got louder...
take it to any ford dealer, mine isn't a ford racing dealer, and everything is good here. Exhaust doesn't change, but the car being more aggressive and snappier gives that illusion.

2012 blk/blk gt premium, 400a, brembos, comfort, reverse/security, 3.73's...

Ordered 4/16, vin 6/2, window sticker 6/9, build date 6/16, ETA 6/27, arrived 6/25, picked up 6/29...

mods: magnaflow streets, frpp power pack, mgw shifter, dss driveshaft, s/s clutch/brake lines, steeda rear suspension.
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