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Originally Posted by Matth3w View Post
I have the California Special with the Shaker audio system. I was thinking about getting a DVD navigation system for it, which claims 17w RMS and 52 peak. Would that be on par or better than the headunit output it comes with?
You asked a question and sought advice and it would seem you'd already made up your mind prior to asking....

I pretty much only care about adding a double din gps and DVD player that connects to an iPod. Perhaps a backup camera.

Microsoft sync is an absolute piece of **** as is most things Microsoft produces. The shuffle is pathetic as it continuously repeats the same songs. The voice activation is spotty at best. The only decent thing is the steering controls but honestly the cockpit is small enough that I usually use the radio controls anyhow. The menus are tedious to navigate. The car listed here for about 37500 and ive got a display equivalent to something i had in the 90s or early 2000s. My wifes mercedes was cheaper with a better radio. Overall the head unit is garbage.

So yeah I'm basically just trying to replace that head unit.
I had a few issues initially however with SYNC but after having a good look at the support site
SYNC | Support | Find Manuals, Guides and Instructions for Android, iPhone, iPod, Zune, Bluetooth and USB, Get Software Updates and More | SYNC with MyFord Touch |

and after one reset, all my SYNC features have performed almost perfectly for the last ten months. I have a $10 USB stick locked in the center console with around 4000 songs which I can verbally call-up with zero issues.

As for the backup cam, if you have an auto-dimming mirror, the Ford camera option hooks into that and you get a discrete display on the left hand side. 2012 and later Stangs require the nav package to get the display.

If you have truly given up and get that new head-unit installed, maybe you could share how it all works out.

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