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Originally Posted by GoT midlife CS View Post
I would be interested in seeing a wiring diagram for how this type of system could be intigrated into my car in place of my LOC's. If it is very easy to integrate from a wiring standpoint given my current set-up, I might just give it a try and let you know my thoughts on it. I just fear that alot of the accoustical advantages will be lost or at least lessoned given the sound stage it's being installed in.
You need to wire power to the MS-8 but not a big power drain. Then you just wire in either hot or cold signal into the MS-8 and it does the work. Besides the other gains if you are running component speakers (guessing you do) you can run active crossover install of the passives you currently have. This is itself is nice gain. The amp in MS-8 will power the tweeter and woofer will be powered by Amp.

Anyways wires is breeze, well besides needing run more wire for each tweeter in your system when you go active from passive crossovers. Regardless of sound-stage you get gains with the time delays for each speaker, sub so they all come at you same time. If you had the money I do it. I almost think you could do different calibrations for top down compared to top up.

Some MLV/CCF in doors and wheel wells is a nice touch as well..

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