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Items Used For Installation:
  • Kenwood DDX319 DVD Receiver
  • PAC C2R-FRD1 Wiring Harness
  • Metra 99-5807C Installation Kit
  • Radio Shack 1N4005 1 Amp Diode per PAC tech bulletin
  • Free Antenna Adapter from Crutchfield (not required for DDX319)
  • Solder Gun w/ Solder
  • Heat Shrink Tubing

I chose this setup from Crutchfield as they cut the PAC unit price in half with any stereo purchase. They also threw in the Antenna Adapter (not needed) and the Metra install kit at no charge. With a coupon, this setup was cheaper than buying an after-market wiring harness & mounting kit.

The PAC installation instructions were excellent with full wiring details. The only issue I had with the PAC kit was not including the 1N4005 1 Amp Diode per PAC tech bulletin. For the price they charge, this Diode should be included in the kit. Solder diode in-line per the PAC tech bulletin drawing.

I was a bit intimidated when I unboxed the PAC kit, but once I started soldering connections, the wire colors from the kit matched right up to the Kenwood stereo harness. The removable harnesses are very cool, I did all the soldering right at my desk, instead of inside the car. The DDX319 does have two direct connection wires outside of the removable harness, the reverse and parking brake wires. I used wire nuts on these non-audio connections rather than try to solder inside the Mustang. A reverse cam will be a future mod once I feel like routing cam wiring to the trunk. The DDX319 is setup to accept the reverse cam AV signal and will automatically switch to that input when the car is put in reverse.

The only issue I had was releasing the heating control slide release connection from the Ford face plate, what a pain in the ...!

Finished Installation:
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