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Subwoofer & Amp Install

Ok, guys, I need some audiophle expertise here. I just recently had the following items installed in my 2005 Mustang GT Convertible:

Pioneer AVH230DVD Head Unit
4 Infinity Reference 6832cf speakers
2 Shelby/Kicker 8" subs in the doors (ditched the shelby covers and got the Kicker sub covers)
Retained the stock Shaker 500 amps for the doors which by the way the Shelby Kicker subs sound great even with the stock amps.
Which with all of the above the system sounds great, but I need a little extra Bass, So I bought: All from

1) Kicker 10C104 10" Comp 4 Ohm Sub (50-150 watts RMS, 300 wats peak)
2) Pioneer GMD7500 Mono Digital Amp (4 ohms @200 wats, 2 ohms @400 watts)
3) Streetwires 4 Guage wiring kit
4) Corner sub box from

Now, since the head unit already has the RCA jacks plugged into the SWL and SWR to the back of the head unit for my door subs which I want to retain, where will I plug the RCA jacks from the amp to the head unit. I have been told my options are:

Get (2) Y jacks, one set plugs into the door subs and then the male end into either the white or red input and the other Y-jack plugs into the amp/sub from the trunk.

Or plug the RCA jacks from the amp/sub into the rear speaker L/R inputs athat are on the rear of my haed unit;
Or, use a LOC.

I know someone out there has had to have done this, but for the life of me I cannot find any posts, so if anyone has done this with success and can give me some insight I would appreciate it.


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