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Hey, thanks for the insight. The amp I have is: Pioneer GM-D7500M, Mono Class D Amplifier which I am using for the Kicker sub I plan on putting in the trunk. The amps that drive the door subs are the factory amps, so Im pretty sure they do not have a passthrough option and unable to tell if this amp has it. As far as option 1, if I use the Y jacks to the dedicated sub output I know I will lose some power to the door subs but have been told it will not really be significant. Since the sub in the trunk wil be powered by an amp, I should be ok?

If I use the rear speaker outputs and a low pass filter, will I still be able to get sound from my rear speakers. Since all the speakers are run through the wiring harness that should not affect them?

I guess i can try both and see what sounds better. Thanks again for the advice, I appreciate it.
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