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Bummer. Sounds like its time to lawyer up.

Interesting topic though. I was driving across town one Sunday morning a couple weeks ago with my lady, top down, dry, clear, warm weather. Stopped by my bank, located in a big shopping center. Nobody around except two local cops sitting at one end of the huge empty parking lot, us in my 'stang at the other end. About 1/4 mile between us.

I got through at the bank ATM, noticed the completely empty parking lot, and ran a few figure 8s in the lot, never exceeding 25 mph, just cutting quick turns. My lady and I were both laughing. As we pull out of the lot onto the main road, the cops come flying across the lot and hit their lights and sirens.

I pull over into a nearby business and they get out of their cars. I hand one cop my paperwork, smiled, and said I say I hope I didnt break any laws. After seeing that we werent desperate criminals in a stolen car or something, they were good sports. One of them did say that my cutting figure 8s in the parking lot would be considered reckless driving by the state. They looked at my paperwork and told us to drive safely and have a nice day.

Me, I think it was just a slow morning and the cops were bored.

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