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Originally Posted by Rascal View Post
First let me say I do not intend to offend anyone. This is just my take on what I see.
Why would you take a perfectly great looking car and paint everything black. Body,Trim,Sidemarkers,Headlights,Tailights, Wheels,Tint out all the glass, and slam it. And when you're done it looks like it was painted with a ROLLER or a SRAY CAN. I just don't get it. It just looks like an AMERICANIZED RICER. Try selling this to a private party. He will think it has had the snot beat out of it and your buyers who like this stuff are sorely limited. Better yet, try returning it to stock or trading it in I'm sure the dealer will be thrilled to have one on his lot and give you outstanding trade in value. Look everyone is entitled to their own opinion that's why there are 28 different flavors. I just think at selling time or trade in you are going to take a beating. "Choose wisely my friend"
it really depends on who wants to buy it tho. if someone buys it and actually wanted to do that same stuff to it you could infact sell it for more. i blacked out mine. i can always take the plastidip off and its back to stock but on the lights i did a superb job i think and not to dark. i doubt they will even notice unless it was next to another. as far as lowering it i havent slammed it but i dropped it an inch. the handling is much better and just feels safer do to more precise handling. i see this a good feature also. i see what your saying but i think there is a cut off line here too. there's some that are just too much and some look just right for everyone. cant go wrong with selling a stock car tho.

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