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Originally Posted by powerwhee View Post
You have an old school mentality I'm afraid. Most people modify their cars now, especially mustang owners. My dad feels the exact same way; that the car how it looks and performs from the factory is the absolute best and shouldn't be changed. He even goes so far as to tell me that if you modify your car your not happy with it and your stupid for buying it. Different strokes for different folks. He drives a base 2010 camaro and hasn't done one mod to it. I think he might just be a little jealous
My map lights are a little dim in the night, so if I wanted to replace them with LEDs so I can see and have brighter lights when I need them, does that mean that I'm stupid? If my dad has visibility issues in the night and the solution is HIDs, should he buy a brand new car (with HIDs) instead of getting some aftermarket HIDs on his car for just a little bit of cash? In my opinion, stupid is buying a brand new car just for brighter lights! Mods are sometimes necessary. Ask your dad what he would do in my situation if the lights were too dim. :nogrinner

Cars are made for the general public, mods are made for the general public to make their car their own.

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