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Originally Posted by Shad View Post
I had no idea it was so bad in some places. 81 in a 70 is reckless driving in va? OMg they should put that on their travel brochures to save everyones license and in turn everyone can save their time and go elsewhere.

I have been pulled over in utah doing 89 in a construction zone (you know the ones where they set orange cones up on your work commute but never actually do construction or have workers there) which was 55.

Fought it in court and got it reduced to a 80 in a 65 and paid the fine.

Reckless driving here in utah I believe is doubling a low speed limit 50 in a 25 or getting clocked at over 100 when its freeway speed. There are a lot of things they can pretend are reckless and force you to go to court over however.
if they gave everyone a reckless driving ticket here who drove over 80, half hte state would have noi licence ,not that the OTHER half does not drive like that,just that they dont have time to catch them.

Sometimes, I see cops with their backs turned writing tickets. When I drive by I can see them stick their heads up,and sniff the air,catching a whiff of exhaust and burning rubber,the crimson smell of speed,telling them a Race Red Mustang is somewhere nearby!

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