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Originally Posted by Ford99 View Post
I am a HARD bass fan although I like to hear the mid and high notes while my doors are nearly falling off. I love my music loud, but can't seem to turn it high enough to meet my satisfaction without hearing them clip.
What you’re describing would be fairly expensive, and would probably need a 200 amp alternator, adding to the cost and trouble. It would also involve significant mods to the car which could hurt the resale value.

If you’re a big bass fan as you say you’d probably want woofers in the trunk as well as the door ones. An upgrade in the four main speakers to higher efficiency drivers to help with the SPL wouldn’t be cheap either. External amps to drive the four would be a good idea, with an EQ between the HU and amps to help the mids and highs stand out as you want. Retail cost for the parts is going to get fairly high (probably over $2K). That’s assuming you can do the work yourself. So a basic list would be:

(2) door woofers
(2) trunk woofers + enclosure
(4) main speakers
(8-12) amplifier channels, depending on if the woofers are dual voice coil or not
(2) EQ channels
(1) 200 amp alternator
Misc wire, connectors, fuses, & hardware

A good set of headphones might be a lot easier and cheaper.
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