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Originally Posted by TylerLew89 View Post
So, I might be watching too much Top Gear lately but a question keeps popping up in my head. Why is the V6 Mustang have such a low top speed limit?

Every time I watch TG they mention a car's top speed and its usually limited to around 150ish mph. Even cars like a ford focus. Why is our V6 stang limit to 112? (or is it 116?)

Obviously no sane person should be going that fast on any road in the US but if I were to go to a track with a long enough straight, isn't that limit pretty low?

Are the numbers they report in TG only for Europe?

Can anyone shed some light on this please?
I dont know about new Foci,but my 2005 Focus had a top speed of 110mph.

Sometimes, I see cops with their backs turned writing tickets. When I drive by I can see them stick their heads up,and sniff the air,catching a whiff of exhaust and burning rubber,the crimson smell of speed,telling them a Race Red Mustang is somewhere nearby!

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