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Originally Posted by pony_boy View Post
After doing some research i understand what the situation is. Thanks to the poster who provided the link to new york state reckless driving policies. My old man used to race cars back in the day, was pretty good apparently and had a few sponsors. This was in europe though, and it was mainly rally cars. I guess this american v6 was a little too much for him :nogrinner ... either way he was with my mom and apparently she was sleeping at the time... so i have no idea what he was trying to do... from what i understand he was just speeding. Although from the research i have done, reckless driving in the new york state is often more than just speeding alone. They come back tonight so we'll see what he has to say for himself. LOL
anything over a certain speed limit can be considered reckless driving. I had that charge a number of times and gotten it reduced. I basically think of it as a person screw you to your insurance company because I as speeding over a certain amount. I want to say anything over 14 miles over is reckless driving.

Case and point.. I have a very good custom installed radar/laser detector/jammer..

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