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Originally Posted by Yadkin View Post
I don't know how "common" that knowledge of that is. Maybe we'll find out if the old man knew.

I used to travel in Canada a lot when I lived in upstate NY and I always kept a sharp eye on my speed, especially when in a predominantly French-speaking area.
I meant it's common knowledge to the cops.

But you reminded me of an example of the "screw the out of towner" thing. About 13 years back I got a ticket outside of Montreal coming back from a funeral, it was my father-in-law and me in a hot-rod Windstar minivan. </sarcasm> THe PPQ officer had to slolam through 10 of us travelling at the same speed to give me a 22kmh (13.75mph) over ticket. The whole group of us had been travelling for about the last 1/2 hour in a pack and I was in the middle; I'll swear til my deathbed that it's because I was the only one with Ontario plates and the rest were Quebec.

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