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Originally Posted by OAC_Sparky View Post
I meant it's common knowledge to the cops.

But you reminded me of an example of the "screw the out of towner" thing. About 13 years back I got a ticket outside of Montreal coming back from a funeral, it was my father-in-law and me in a hot-rod Windstar minivan. </sarcasm> THe PPQ officer had to slolam through 10 of us travelling at the same speed to give me a 22kmh (13.75mph) over ticket. The whole group of us had been travelling for about the last 1/2 hour in a pack and I was in the middle; I'll swear til my deathbed that it's because I was the only one with Ontario plates and the rest were Quebec.
The same thing happens here. When my son was still in Scouts our troop leader got pulled over in West Virginia doing 36 in a 35. He was in his car leading a bus full of scouts. I travel that road six or eight times per year and nearly every time I get passed by locals doing 20 over or more, usually passing over a double yellow and many times around blind curves.

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