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Originally Posted by solidhadriel View Post
Your kidding me, right?

That's like asking a company who makes swimsuits, if they'll make them fireproof because someone decided to pour gasoline on themselves and light it on fire.

Ford's Mustang out-of-the-box works perfectly fine with the stock DS. If you are going to go around 'upgrading' or making 'changes' to the vehicle, then its up to your discretion as to what you want to do with the car. Not Fords.
^^^Good point. Besides, I've never taken my car up to triple digit speeds except two times, and I used to live in the country. Those two times I was up in those speeds are not a speed I would recommend on a daily basis (or period).

The new V6 Mustang was about having affordable performance in a fuel efficient car, not the whole race package.

Originally Posted by geardriven View Post
Yeah you're right what's a few humans lives if it keeps the V6 price down a few hundred bucks.This isn't a saftey concern at all.
To be honest, if it's seriously a concern that you cant go 130 on a daily basis, then you're just straight up stupid. Ford isn't going to install a better DS stock and increase the price just so people can drive crazier and get in more wrecks from being idiots. If you want to go faster, that's what the aftermarket is for. And another question. WHAT kind of safety concerns are you talking about when you're going freaking 130 MPH?

I guess you want them to add some better tires on the car stock then, right? Because your stock tires sure as hell cant handle 130 MPH on a daily basis.

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