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Originally Posted by MCA2011 View Post
The cause of the failure is not upgrading the gears, it is driving the car with upgraded gears at twice the speed limit.

You can't just slap on an aftermarket performance part (in this case gears) and push the car's limits without accepting that you might require other prerequisite upgrades

And my stated "5% of owners" is probably a gross exaggeration

Better engineered driveshafts are available. If you think Ford / Ford Racing should offer an aftermarket driveshaft, or even as a factory option, that makes perfect sense, but to put in a performance driveshaft as a stock part and bump the price of the V6 is a bad business move.
Originally Posted by Jr's stang View Post
Yep, I'm with the masses on this one. The stock ds performs flawlessly under the conditions for which is was meant. If you want it to perform beyond stock expectation, expect to replace it.

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Originally Posted by MCA2011 View Post
Do you think they should put heavier duty driveshafts on 100% of the V6s produced for the 5% of the owners that push the driveshafts to their limits?
Originally Posted by DBBlackStang View Post
I think you're being a bit too dramatic. The factory speed limiter is there to prevent the driveshaft failure. If you decide to disable it, your call. Also, I have not heard of anyone dying from this....
Originally Posted by MCA2011 View Post
Fine, let's close that gap. Is Ford liable for your head on crash injuries if you decide to play chicken at 40mph with your friend, who owns an F350?

You don't see a safety concern of being part of the .025% of the population who drives at 125mph?

I've touched 100 a couple of times, but I have no intention of driving at speeds that compromise the integrity of the driveshaft. Tell me why I should pay for your thrills and choice to take such risks.

You can spend on your car and upgrade your drivetrain if you wish, but don't expect me and every other V6 buyer absorb the costs for you.

There is nothing wrong with the driveshaft if used under intended loads.

Please tell me you're just a troll, and not as stupid as these ridiculous posts make you appear
Originally Posted by GT Gone View Post
^^^Good point. Besides, I've never taken my car up to triple digit speeds except two times, and I used to live in the country. Those two times I was up in those speeds are not a speed I would recommend on a daily basis (or period).

The new V6 Mustang was about having affordable performance in a fuel efficient car, not the whole race package.

To be honest, if it's seriously a concern that you cant go 130 on a daily basis, then you're just straight up stupid. Ford isn't going to install a better DS stock and increase the price just so people can drive crazier and get in more wrecks from being idiots. If you want to go faster, that's what the aftermarket is for. And another question. WHAT kind of safety concerns are you talking about when you're going freaking 130 MPH?

I guess you want them to add some better tires on the car stock then, right? Because your stock tires sure as hell cant handle 130 MPH on a daily basis.

WOW! The stupid level on this forum is just about maxed out right now. There have been numerous DS failures on unmodded, yes stock cars, that have never seen any where near triple digit speeds, or a dynomometer! Why do you Bozos blaim every bad thing on mods, and speed demons? Some where caused by that, yes. But every day drivers crusing down the road, and their DS explodes...
Here is one example, y'all should use the search engine and educate yourselves.
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