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I'd taken my car to 130 several dozen times (or more) with the stock 2.73's and with the current 3.55's. I'd also been up to 140 with the 2.73's. I doubt I'll try 140 with the 3.55's. Even so, I understand the risks and I enjoy taking them. Foolish or not, it's who I am, and I intentionally seek the emptiest, most visible and flat stretches of road I can find.

That being said, I'm not trying to encourage anyone to do what I do and although I'd love to see the stock DS capable of a lot more, I am not going to expect Ford to beef up an economy car, 305 HP or not. There are aftermarket DS's and other parts available now that will take serious beatings. And one day I shall own said parts. Until then, I'm learning to curb my lead foot. My weak DS is not Ford's problem and so far it's been as burly as I've ever needed it.
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