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Originally Posted by JeffOden View Post
WOW! The stupid level on this forum is just about maxed out right now. There have been numerous DS failures on unmodded, yes stock cars, that have never seen any where near triple digit speeds, or a dynomometer! Why do you Bozos blaim every bad thing on mods, and speed demons? Some where caused by that, yes. But every day drivers crusing down the road, and their DS explodes...
Here is one example, y'all should use the search engine and educate yourselves.
You've cited 1 example -- from almost a year ago. Where is there a recurring issue (i.e. a defect, a design flaw, not a 1 in 20,000 fluke) that Ford needs to step up and fix?

Sorry but failures as a result of structural integrity ARE going to happen more often when limits are pressed, not in everyday conditions

Show a recurrence of these failures under normal operating conditions and I will be the first to retract my comments

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