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Originally Posted by geardriven View Post
My concern about the driveshaft failure is my own opinion.I have had friends of mine driveshafts break and it's not pretty.Some on the Dyno,some on the street.

I never once said to go 2 or 3 times the legal speed limit.Here's my point.As time goes on and people race these cars at the drag strip or road course this becomes a saftey issue bottom line.
But clearly from this ^ post you affirm that you are talking about about driving at racing speed, legally or not.

And if you (general third person you, not you) are going to drive your car at excessive speed and beyond its design limits, then safety is YOUR responsibility.

I am not going to attempt to compare the physics of a rotating dyno drum to a stationery road, and please dont try to argue that the planet is spinning under your wheels in the same manner as a dyno.

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