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I've worked for two asian major car manufactures for two decades as a technician.

The first being Honda where I spent 18 years when a problem repeatedly occurs they are all over it whether is a TSB or voluntary recall.It doesn't have to be a saftey issue before Honda gets involved.I've worked with field engineers to find unique problems and repair them.Honda engineers are second to none.Where do you think your variable valve timing came from?Jesus, the were producing 120hp per liter n/a back in 2000.

Secondly I worked for Lexus which we all know is Toyota which is the largest car manufacturer in the world.Toyota received a bad rap on unintended acceleration.Which turns out was the customers fault by stacking floor mats 3 or 4 high causing them to bunch up.

So this basically applied the accelerator pedal when the customer was applying the brake pedal.We (the technicians)updated the PCM so when brake and accelerator is applied at the same time it drops down to engine idle speed and we removed any non factory floor mats on the drivers side.I put them in the trunk even though is pissed the customer off.Now Lexus is no longer liable for the stacking the floor mats and causing unitended acceleration.

I've been verified at 178 in my car and the last thing in the back of my mind was my driveshaft.In the back of my mind it was the block.My car still felt like it was gaing speed and my buddy affirmed that.But my car is not set up for that speed it became to light and felt unsafe.

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